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Tooling & Process

Tooling Support

Services Offered:

  •  Tooling Sales Direct from Quickmill
  • Custom Tooling Designs
  • Tooling Recommendations
  • Ongoing Email and Phone Support
  • On-Site Comprehensive Tooling and Applications Training Available


Special Kits

  • Quicksqueeze Baffle Stack Drilling Kit
  • Quick support - Tubesheet & Baffle
  • Stack Support Kit Tooling Setup Kit
  • Operator Training Kit
  • Hydraulic Pressure Foot
  • Quickscan Laser Scanner System
  • Tubesheet & Baffle Stack Drilling Solution


Standard Tooling

Standard Tooling:

  •  Drill Bodies - 3xD to 15xD
  •  Inserts - Standard Tema Tube & Baffle Sizes
  •  Holders - CAT50, Endmill and Hydraulic
  •  Cutters - Solid Carbide Modular Type Endmills
  •  Reamers - Standard TEMA tube size


Parts Programming


  • Part programming - onsite or at Quickmill
  • Utilizing current versions of Mastercam
  • Recommended tooling list provided
  • Programs output to your control version
  • Convert old PC programs to run on new Fanuc or Siemens systems

Onsite Training

  • On Site Efficiency Reviews
  • Part Process Recommendations
  • Complete Part Trials, Runoffs, Testing
  • Custom Fixture/Setup Design for Unique Parts
  • Machine Efficiency Optimization Training
  • Proper Tooling Selection
  • Proper Speed and Feed Selection