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We Are Hiring! Service Technician/Installer

We are looking for Service Technicians/Installers!

Quickmill Inc. is a globally recognized Machine Tool Company located in Peterborough Ontario currently recruiting motivated individuals to join our Technical Team supporting Machine Tool Manufacturing and Global Customer Service.

 Entry-Level – Junior CNC Service Technician

Quickdrill III - Tubesheet Productivity Study

The Quickdrill III was designed to change how the heat transfer industry thinks about drilling holes; with three spindles drilling the majority of holes on a tube sheet, baffle or condenser plate, part production on a single machine will skyrocket, freeing up extra space and time on the shop floor. In order to understand just how much productivity increase could be expected from the Quickdrill III drilling center, we have come up with a tube sheet drilling study, comparing drilling times on a single spindle machine to the revolutionary Quickdrill III. Below you will find four separate studies, showing the productivity increases on 48", 60", 96" and 120" tube sheets. Not only will you see how much productivity increase you will see but also how many extra parts can be produced in a day, how many single spindle machines can be replaced with one Quickdrill III and the total time all three spindles on the Quickdrill III will be engaged on your parts (vs. double and single spindle engagement).

New Video - Annihilator Heavyweight Machining Capabilities

Check out the new Annihilator - Heavyweight Machining video on our YouTube channel, Quickmill100.

What is the Annihilator capable of? With a wide variety of table sizes, bridge gaps and spindles to choose from the Annihilator is well suited for the machining of any big, heavy, awkward parts you have. So far the Annihilator has taken on applications like milling and drilling forged flanges, machining aerospace components, machining of automotive part molds, machining of draw dies in the energy sector, machining of offroad wear edge parts, drilling heat exchanger tube sheets, general-purpose machining and more.

Annihilator - The Job Shop Powerhouse

It's no secret that Quickmill makes some of the toughest, most sought after drilling machines on the market, but what about all-around performance? Enter Annihilator, the tough as nails general-purpose machining center that has been turning heads for the last five years. Since the Annihilator's release in 2010, our customers are continuously being blown away with what this powerhouse brings to the table. Industries like structural steel, forged flange, offroad, mold & die, energy and job shop have all seen what the Annihilator is capable of. 

Product Spotlight - Eliminator B bridge machining centers

The Eliminator B bridge CNC machining centers feature a robust design, powerful geared spindles, 32 tools automatic tool changer, chip conveyor system, powerful Fanuc controls, and the dedicated service and support that you have come to expect from Quickmill.

Warning: Big Yellow Drilling Machine on the Loose!


    120" (3048mm) on the X-axis
    120" (3048mm) on the Y-axis
    24" (610mm) Gap
    75 hp Direct Drive Spindle
    Loves to drill and lightly mill

Please welcome our new President/CEO

Press Release  

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Quickmill Inc, Joseph Lipsett is pleased to announce the appointment of Gordon Buchholz to the position of President & CEO of Quickmill Inc.  Mr. Buchholz replaces Joseph W. Lipsett who is retiring after 16 years as President & CEO.  Mr. Lipsett will remain a member of the Board of Directors and act as a consultant to the company.  Mr. David Piggott, Quickmill founder, and Vice President Technology remains with Quickmill Inc in his key innovator role and as a member of the Board of Directors.

Innovative Steam Technologies

Canadian Industrial Machinery published an excellent article featuring our customer Innovative Steam Technologies.  Please see the article below from the April Issue.


I like to refer to workpiece support and set up as thinking of the “Golden Rule”. When supporting a Tubesheet or a stack of baffles my rule of thumb is one support for every ten material thickness.


Carbide tools are the most efficient way to process Tubesheet & Baffle support plates, however, if you do not spend the time and effort to get proper support methods the tool life can decrease by 50% as well as your speed and feed.


Think of this the next time you set up to drill and contact our tooling applications department for more detailed information.


Quickmill has now released our support system for all our customers to effectively support your plates in a simple cost-effective system.


Call us for information on our Quick support system.


Dave Piggott

VP & Technical Director