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Quickmill Calibration Services

Quickmill now offers Machine Tool Calibration Services on a wide array of makes and models!

With the market as competitive as ever, you need every advantage you can get to stay ahead of your competition. Machine tool calibration is the simplest, most cost-effective way to increase machine tool performance and ensure your finished product remains at the highest quality. The Quickmill Calibration Services team consists of factory-trained technicians who offer the following services on a wide variety of machine tool makes and models:

And what did you want for Christmas? "An INTIMIDATOR!"

December 16, 2013


Just in time for Christmas, Quickmill has shipped another INTIMIDATOR! This one is on its way to the structural steel industry in the United States. Not sure if you're going to find a tree big enough for this gift to go under. 

Quickmill ships another Intimidator!

December 5, 2013


Another Intimidator 120-120-24 is on its way to the heat transfer sector in the United States. Watch the Quickmill Inventory page for updates on our in-stock machines.

Laser Scanner for the Heat Transfer Industry

Over the past few years, Quickmill has been developing a new laser scanning system called QUICKSCAN. The product was first developed for the Heat Transfer Industry for manufacturers of header boxes in air-cooled exchangers.

Heat Exchanger Support Fixturing


More and more of our customers are looking for better ways to quickly support Heat Exchanger components on our Drilling Machines. In the past year, Quickmill has developed a complete setup and fixturing system for Tubesheets and Baffles plates used in the manufacturing of components in the Heat Transfer Industry.