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Quicksqueeze Baffle Stack Drilling System

The Quicksqueeze baffle stack drilling system has revolutionized the way baffle stacks are processed! With the Quicksqueeze system, you can drill a stack of baffle plates as if they were a solid part, allowing for increased productivity and higher quality parts!

Quickmill's 2013 Communicator

Quickmill's Newest Communicator.

Published for Quickmill's Customers, Employees, Distributors, and Friends.


Quickmill's Founder Retires

After 28 amazing years, Quickmill’s founder David Piggott has decided to retire and concentrate on another of his passion in life, his family. David will remain on Quickmill’s Board of Directors and will continue to provide valuable insights and ideas during his visits to the plant.

Custom Rail Machine for Boiler Industry

Building a custom rail style machine for our customers in South America was a challenge that Quickmill was more than ready for.  When our customer asked if we could design a custom rail machine that would be capable of drilling and milling their large boiler drums as well as other large parts that they produce, the only questions were how big and when would you like it. 

EST Heat Exchanger

Louisiana Heat Exchanger, LLC was founded in 1974 and is located in Baton Rouge LA, the companies main focus is repair and service of shell & tube heat exchangers for the local chemical and refining industry.  The company was purchased in 2002 by EST Group and continued to expand and add capabilities over the coming years.

Simple Milling Tips


When attempting to perform Milling operations there are some simple guidelines to follow, always keep in mind you should consult your local tooling representative for advice on specific tooling and cutting parameters they have supplied to you.